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Supercuts offers 3 key factors in getting a great hair cut: Super style, Super value and Super advice. You can expect all three at any of the 2,100 Supercuts locations. You can also use available coupons on your visit. Supercuts is dedicated to the idea that you shouldn’t have to pay too much to look, well, super. When you experience the array of services including hair coloring, highlights, gray blending, special treatments such as the Tea Tree Experience and a complete selection of salon-only products, you’ll see they have got your hair care needs covered. So the next time your hairstyle or self esteem needs a boost, stop by.

The Supercuts Card Explained: Guy or gal, young or not-so-young, everyone can use a great hair cut in their life. A nice way to show your appreciation for someone is to give them a Supercuts Card. This card can be redeemed for products, haircuts, hair color (including the popular gray blending) or even special services such as the Tea Tree Experience. Cards are available at most Supercuts stores or by ordering online. You can order a card online on their website. The steps are easy. Simply choose and personalize a gift card in any amount from $10-$500. Select and personalize a greeting card with hundreds of choices for any occasion. Have it sent to your friends or family, or send yourself a gift for just $4.50. It’s as simple as that.

Hot New Hairstyles For Summer: You may dress in costliest designer dress but if your hair is not done stylishly, you will look most ordinary! On the other hand, with the right hair cut and styling, you will look a diva even in your plain jeans and tees. So to help you flaunt your best look this summer, here is a short summary of hairstyles that are going to be the hottest look this summer.

The first and foremost thing of hairstyle for Summer 2010 is that simple styles that are easy to maintain are back in vogue. Old styles are back with a bang, literarily and figuratively. Many celebrities are sporting bangs on their forehead; some have it long while some prefer wispy ones. Some of the leading actresses who are following this trend include Jessica Alba, and Charlize Theron. Bob cut is another old style that is finding many takers this summer. There are many variation of this cut and you can choose your style depending on your face cut. It is also easy to maintain and can be sported by everyone irrespective of their hair length. You can try the one length cut which suits most face structures. There are many variations in it as well; you can have the long shoulder length bob cut like Anne Heathway or Thandie Newton.

If your hair is of medium length and wavy in structure, then the bob cut sported by Jessica Stroup is a good option. Other celebrities who are sporting this look include Katie Holmes, Eva Longoria Parker and Kate Blanchett. For girls with small-boned features, the pixie cut and other such girly cuts are the looks to flaunt this Summer. Halle Berry has already made it a very hot look with her “messed up” pixie cut. The cut makes her look more beautiful than ever and she can carry this look with aplomb. This cut is perfect for busy executives and women on the go as it needs very little maintenance and styling.

As for color, the trend this year for blondes is towards platinum blonde like Paris Hilton. With a pixie cut, this color will add a very dramatic look to the person sporting it. If that is a tad bit edgy for you, then settle for golden blonde which is a mid-tone shade. Another great thing about this color is that it can be safely carried into Fall/Winter 2010. If you are looking for red tones, then the emphasis is on natural reds which are still considered to be bold and beautiful. Both shades of plum and copper are the “in” red colors for Summer 2010. Source: For more details please click on double chin